Deer mice, traps, and hantavirus; lots of questions.

Hey y'all.

Recently discovered some mice in the kitchen, have not seen them elsewhere yet. This is a house from 1950s so sealing every single hole will be impossible, not to mention it's gonna be torn down in 4-5 months once the lease is up. Just yesterday I bought some "humane" mouse traps (stupid dog attempted to eat a snap trap multiple times, despite the outcome of the first 2 times) and put them out (LPT: Fritos are delectable to these idiots). I caught 3 of those little fucker deer mice. I drove about 2 miles out and let them out at a trailhead. However, now knowing the risk of hantavirus as well as its mortality rate, I'm a little scared. The traps I have can gather some mouse crap in them and I've been stupid careful about handling the traps after they were "contaminated." However I also just found out my roommate probably has COVID (still awaiting test results but the symptoms are there) so I am extra scared of hantavirus now. I bet I can handle one virus, but both at the same time would be deadly.

So are there any other traps that the stupid, stupid, stupid dog can't get into that'll kill these idiots on contact? I have heard of the electric ones but they are expensive, I'm not exactly well-off.

Realistically, if I am careful and only handle the traps using gloves, spray them out with water between uses, and release them with minimal contact (they touch the gardening glove I use when I release them), what's my chance of contracting hantavirus? I live in the southern USA, east of the Mississippi, where there never has been a confirmed case according to the state's department of public health, but neighboring states have confirmed cases within the past 2 years.

I'm gonna force the landlord to get a pest control company out to install some bait stations and I'm gonna buy a can of fireproofing caulk / foam and hop under the cabinet (where I think they're getting in) and seal the shit out of everything, which should handle these little fuckers; anything else I should do? And additionally, is it likely for one of these idiots to die inside the house where I can't get him if he eats the bait?

Thanks in advance.

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