Stig Broeckx’s long road back to life


Do you keep in mind where you were on May 28 in 2016? I do, really clearly. I check out the news about a big crash in the Tour of Belgium and heard the name of the male who was most greatly impacted: Stig Broeckx. His story is a wonder, and the movie ‘‘ De Stig ’ informs that story in a moving documentary that is now offered with English subtitles.

Stig’’ s crash shook the biking world. I keep in mind talking with him a couple of weeks prior to in the Tour of Turkey –– his return race after another crash in Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne where a motorcycle took him out. Stig informed me at the Istanbul airport about his strategies and how he was expecting whatever his biking life would bring him. His smile was glowing and his eyes shone with the delight of living his boyhood dream.

Stig’’ s crash especially rattled the biking neighborhood since it came less than 2 months after the death of 2 other young Belgian riders: Antoine Demoitié who crashed in Gent-Wevelgem, and Daan Myngheer who suffered a heart attack in the Criterium International.

Stig appeared like he would be the 3rd Belgian rider to pass away in less than 2 months’ ’ time and the biking world was as soon as again plunged into grieving. Stig was and made it through left in a coma. For the time being, he lived however the news that can be found in wasn’’ t all that favorable. A vegetative comatose state for the rest of his life appeared the only result.

But Stig would show the medical group incorrect. His case ended up being the exception to the guideline. Versus all the chances, he got up after 6 months, discovered to speak once again, to stroll, to live once again. The documentary takes us along every action of the method: all the difficulty and all the triumphes.

The documentary reveals a story about love. The love of a regular farmers’ ’ household from a village in the north of Belgium: a daddy and a mom, 3 kids and a child. Normal, diligent folk. Stig Broeckx was that type of bicyclist, too –– he rode his heart out for his group captains.

““ I am a fortunate guy, ” he stated to me from his house in Belgium. He lives there with his fiancée Marlies and he simply ended up peeling the potatoes for the night’’ s supper when I checked out.


“ I like cooking for Marlies and she consumes nearly whatever I make her too,” ” he states, his face illuminating with that widely known smile of his. ““ She works as a pharmacist and has a really hectic task, particularly now throughout the pandemic. I enjoy it when she gets home, sits at the table and I bring her supper,” ” he states.


That romance through Tinder has actually altered his life, however many things have actually altered in his life in the previous 4 and a half years. The damage done to his body on that stretch of roadway in the Belgian Ardennes has actually never ever altered his character or his intellectual abilities. He has difficulty speaking due to the fact that all those little muscles in his face and throat were non-active throughout the 6 months of coma and intubation, however his mind is as brilliant as it ever was.

““ As a professional bicyclist I was constantly working my muscles, naturally, however I never ever understood there were a lot of muscles in your face. I still deal with the speech therapist frequently to enhance my speech, to utilize my lips properly to form the words. Talking and strolling are still my greatest things to deal with,” ” he states.


The fact is that it ’ s often hard to comprehend what he states which it spends some time to get utilized to his method of interaction. Even without words it’’ s clear that Stig Broeckx is an unique person. He has an unbelievable, favorable outlook on all things in life.

““ I understand I am still enhancing, however it’’ s a marathon while I in some cases desire it to be a sprint. That can be irritating sometimes however I constantly attempt to take a look at it from the favorable side. When I awakened from the coma, I established as a kid would establish: with big leaps forward. Now I am doing infant actions –– however infant actions are still actions. Every day I get a little much better,” ” he discusses.

““ It ’ s a pity what occurred to me however I made it through. I was fortunate it occurred in 2016 and not 3 years previously. The medical advancements enhanced significantly. I was fortunate. I am fortunate and I wear’’ t wish to mope about what occurred.”


His positivity is infectious, as is his laugh. It’’ s energetic and loud. For somebody who has actually been through a lot, his outlook on life is exceptional. It’’ s not a function he bets the media. He has actually constantly been a favorable male, seeing life in regards to what he can do, not what he can’’ t.


“ Life is so lovely, ” he mentions without an inch of doubt. ““ When I simply awakened from the coma I couldn’’ t go outside. The only thing I saw was the world from the healthcare facility window. I saw nature modification with the seasons. As a bicyclist, I had actually constantly enjoyed being outdoors. I matured on a farm and we dealt with nature and the seasons. Seeing that from the medical facility was excellent,” ” he informs me.

““ I have actually been a favorable person for all my life, all of my household, however the sensations have actually ended up being more extreme after the mishap. The relationship with my household has actually ended up being more extreme. Thanks to them this was never ever a lonesome procedure for me to go through. I wouldn’’ t have actually had the ability to do it without my household.”


His life viewpoint is to often stall and search in the rear-view mirror of his own life. It’’ s constantly one action at’a time, an action that ’ s in some cases wonky due to the fact that his ideal foot is still atrophied from the extended period of lack of exercise.

““ I wish to encourage and influence individuals however when I take a look at my own development, I inspire myself too,” ” he specifies. “ The inspiration and motivation were likewise the factor to make the documentary and compose the book. It’’ s terrific to hear that a lot of individuals discover it inspiring and it’’ s fantastic to understand that now much more individuals get to see it.””


The documentary ‘‘ De Stig ’ was produced in 2019 by Eric Goens and director Diederd Esseldeurs. It aired in Flemish movie theaters and was revealed on the Belgian TELEVISION channel Sporza, where it had a substantial effect. Broeckx got lots of responses from both inside and beyond the biking world.

The documentary reveals the course Broeckx strolled after his crash. He actually strolled back into life, and finished a three-kilometre charity walk which took him practically a day, a psychological part of the documentary. Nowadays, 3 kilometres are simply a warm-up for him.

““ When I was a professional bicyclist, I weighed about 71 kilos. When I woke from that coma I was 45 kilos. I consumed and consumed and consumed in the months after I got up. I feasted on chocolate and consumed kiwi fruit with peel and all. I did peel my bananas however,” ” he states, chuckling loudly once again.

““ Now I attempt to enjoy my consuming routines and attempt to remain fit. When it’’ s not winter season, I ride like a traveler on 20 to 30-kilometre bike flights. I likewise take my bike to the grocery store and I stroll. I do Nordic strolling with 2 of those poles. It’’ s a total exercise and in the starting the poles enhanced my balance. I now do 10 kilometres quickly.””


Family is really essential to Stig: previously, throughout and after all that took place. The household dairy farm is simply a brief trip away and he visits his mum and papa frequently. They are down-to-earth folk and a movie about their lives was something entirely out of their convenience zone. What stands apart in the documentary is the love of this household for each other, and for Stig. His previous sweetheart Tilly includes.

““ We discussed the documentary prepares a lot. I am an introvert, and have actually never ever been outbound in public. It took me a long time to go out there to share my story. I likewise believed at the starting that individuals would perhaps be fed up with my story, that there would be a Stig overkill –– however we had numerous great responses,” ” Stig states.


“ My mom didn ’ t wish to be on video camera excessive however in the end, everybody enjoyed with the outcome. It was excellent to view it together too and hard at the very same time to see how Tilly and my household remained in a lot discomfort when I wasn’’ t knowledgeable about it. We might ask the directors what we desired and, in the end, everybody enjoyed with how they discovered. I am likewise pleased my previous sweetheart Tilly was represented as she was. I am glad for what she provided for me. We strolled together in an essential duration of my and her life.””


It appears like Stig sees no challenges on the roadway ahead and never ever feels upset about the turn his life took. It makes him a charming individual to be around. He has buddies he has actually understood because he was a kid and a close-knit household around him. He mores than happy the balance is brought back in between him and his brother or sisters; that life is not just about him any longer.

Stig Broeckx turned 30 this year and has lots of strategies. He wishes to get his chauffeur’’ s license, he asked Marlies to wed him, he wishes to possibly return to school to end up being a physiotherapist, he wishes to coach individuals who have actually been through the exact same, and he wishes to motivate and encourage.

““ Sometimes I am annoyed, however it’’ s about’things I can ’ t control. I wish to’get my motorist ’ s license however my examination has actually been delayed due to Corona. Due to the fact that of the pandemic, we will likewise wait with our marital relationship. I desire it to be outdoors since I like nature so much if the day is there. I live by the day and moping doesn’’ t aid anyone, ” he states.


He smiles a lot. It was and still is his hallmark. When I ask him about kids, that smile gets even larger. He is an uncle now, and his good friends have kids too.

““ I would like to. When I was in a coma, my very first cousin was born. A while ago I ended up being an uncle once again. It’’ s such a lovely thing. Kids are so truthful. A few days ago among my good friend’’ s kids informed me I speak so well now. Kids constantly inform the reality. They simply state what they feel. I would like to one day be a dad myself. I have actually seen lots of dreams come to life up until now. I never ever state never ever in life.””


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