I’ve got a way for all of us to change things, but it depends on US. Please read

The title says it all, but I know many of us are cynical, depressed, and likely to overlook an opportunity that could literally bail all of us out.

First, I feel it’s important that we recognize where we are. The people that are supposed to provide us with an ideal society are the ones marginalizing and dividing us, everything is getting more expensive, wages are stagnating, law enforcement is getting increasingly brutal, the climate imbalance is increasing and creating worsening and more unpredictable weather, and we are hurtling towards a dystopian nightmare where none of us is going to personally have the resources to confront it effectively.

Sounds pretty upsetting, right? Well that’s because it is. People that have stuck their neck out in the past to try and improve the world for people have been disappeared, obviously murdered, or died under mysterious circumstances which makes fear a very compelling incentive for people to not speak up, even though our collective survival is dependent on the world becoming what those martyrs tried to make it. So, learning from past attempts, what can we possibly do? Since this monster is pretty effective at snubbing out those that attempt to stop it, I see walking away as the best option we have, but let me explain.

With our dependence on employment and careers for security, which provides us momentary financial relief but binds us to our habits that are accelerating our demise, many of our hands are bound with being able to detach and go live a more natural lifestyle that’ll meet out needs. There are people that are trying to pave the way for others to live a better way, but their attempts are pretty sporadic, spread out, and disorganized.

This is going to cross over to another topic a little bit, but it’s actually quite relevant. Many people have never heard of the Hopi tribe, but their cultural history says that when times have been bad before, they took people in to ride out the chaos. I went and visited after having ideas for eco-villages with stocked gardens and rent-free living, and a chief in the tribe indicated to me that the reservation is being reserved, but for whom?

I’ve stayed in contact and been told things that are on a level of intuition that implies there is a much deeper connection with all this stuff than anyone would initially suspect. The Hopi actually have a prophecy that states that their lands will be an oasis that people flock to as things continue to deteriorate in society, and they’ve also been saying since at least the 1940s that China would start WW3 and that bombs would fall on the U.S. Regardless of the dangers we face, the solution of a coming together and unification is what would resolve all of it.

I was given a path to help fulfill Hopi prophecy, and to those of you that are saying “that sounds crazy”, you’re right! What you have to remember is that the keyword associated with prophecy is fulfill, which is a verb, or an action. I was told to help spruce up things around the reservation and build a relationship with the villages, and eventually help with a march on the tribal council. If there’s enough of an effort coming from outside the tribe to improve things, why would they need a council? Most tribal councils aren’t in the business of improving the tribes to which they belong anyway and have mostly become vehicles for certain people to make a high income and do shady things outside of where oversight can create accountability.

If the tribal council gets dissolved, all the resources of the tribe and their lands are open for debate about how things can best be used for collective security, including the striking down of the rule that forbids outsiders from coming to live. If there were a crowdfund or way to provide necessities for those willing to go build eco-villages and gardens to support those that want an exodus from this soul-sucking modality, I’m sure there’s nothing else many of us would rather do. If enough people lock shoulders and say “this is the future we want at any cost because we know the alternative is entropy”, it can gain enough attention to where money won’t matter, and the resources that it’d take to free everyone up and do this everywhere would become available.

To those still reading, I’d encourage you to focus on the feasibility of this idea being dependent upon the participation of people willing to enact it. We can reduce our carbon footprint which our jobs and careers demand we keep deepening through participation, live slower, happier, healthier, and as a part of a community where our efforts actually have value to each other instead of dynamics that don’t serve the betterment of the whole. I’d be willing to wager that most of us are tired of being tired and want an alternative to politicians refusing to enforce accountability on each other, dividing us, and scrambling people’s minds in confusion so that traumatic event after traumatic event can keep getting perpetuated. The show-writers are running out of ideas and we can take the stage whenever we choose.

To realists, we know what the consequences are going to be within a couple of decades and we know that the future is bleak. The best things that we can do with our efforts is head to high ground, get gardening, make space for others, and if possible, the people with the finances and resources to help create the example can trickle support until the example is at a place where they are confident it can support them. We are responsible for the outcomes, even if through inaction, so I’m encouraging all who read this to take initiative and develop our futures.

I’m in contact with groups that build geothermal greenhouses and have already fundraised $10k to get a state-of-the-art example up on a Hopi contact’s land, I’m communicating with seed banks, green architecture engineers, and more. If you’ve been craving a way out of the madness that serves everyone, I’m offering it to you and its success is dependent on us each individually creating it. I love each and every one of you and don’t want to see you suffer or be hopeless. Times are bad and will only get worse since we know we can’t count on our public leaders to provide a solution that’ll be adequate to accommodate the chaos.

Older generations that had better luck at creating wealth are clutching their pearls and building higher fences instead of longer tables, but if we can help our loved ones understand that once the chaos starts that the security they had attempted to save for future generations won’t have a practical use, investment in our collective security can be maximized. If anyone’s parents are like many I’ve known, there may be a degree of dissonance and avoidance regarding the realities we face. There may be some regret that they’ve lived decades under a certain modality and will only support what got them through, but adaptation is essential for survival.

We can keep going to work and meandering through jobs that don’t fulfill us while the window closes with the world on fire outside it, or we can jump in the driver’s seat and decide how this plays out. If you want to get involved volunteering or to assist in any way that you like, please reach out and send me a private message or comment and I’ll send you one. Four hands are better than two, and two minds are better than one.

With love, I request that you take me up on my offer for all of our sake and create the best tomorrows for everyone while we still have the infrastructure to accommodate it.

I'm including a link to a video of pandemic aid delivery to the Hopi that a team and I recently made, and it gives ways to directly contribute or get involved.


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