A film you watched at home or in a cinema – IELTS Cue Card Sample 37

Describe a movie you viewed in your home or in a movie theater.

You must state:

.what movie it was.what it had to do with.why you selected to view that movie who you saw it with.If you discovered anything essential from the movie, and describe.Test Answer.

( What movie it was?) I am a Cinephile and love to enjoy various type of movies, be it scary, thriller, action, documentary, or criminal offense. My friend and I just recently saw the movie called ‘‘ The Sky is Pink’ in a close-by movie theater. (What was it about?) The film is based upon a real story of a couple wed for 25 years, informed through the lens of their spunky teenage child, Aisha Chaudary, who gets detected with Pulmonary Fibrosis. The motion picture is heart-wrenching and suddenly funny at the exact same time. (Why you select to see that movie and who you enjoyed it with?) When I initially saw the trailer of the movie, it caught my attention. I chose to view it. Apart from that, I was thrilled to see Priyanka Chopra in a Hindi movie after a very long time, and she played the lead function of a mom and justified her part. The cinematography was fantastic, where we get to see the magic of life and the charm of death manifesting in a household’s brave and distinct journey. (And discuss if you discovered anything essential from the movie) The scene that stands apart in my mind is when the child grumbles about his instructor who scolded him for painting the colour of the sky as pink and not as blue. To which, the mom responds that, ‘‘ No one can inform you which colour your sky must be. You’’ re the one who will paint your own sky.’ ’ Therefore, the film discreetly advises us to live our lives to the maximum since we do not truly understand when our last day will be.

.Vocabulary.Spunky: Determined and Courageous.

Eg: The hero of the film is constantly referred to as spunky.

.Humorous: Causing laughter and amusement.

Eg: Comedy programs are amusing and constantly funny.

.Cinephile: an individual who is enthusiastic about movie theater..

Eg: The film is committed to Cinephiles.

.Manifest: clear and apparent.

Eg: Rose manifested the indications of extreme fever.

.Cinematography: basic art and movie photography behind the movie.

Eg: His pastimes consist of Traveling, Trekking, Cooking, and Cinematography.

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