How to Be Different and Stand Out


One of the negative effects of the surge of social networks is that each is attempting to be seen (views), heard (downloads) and valued (likes/shares). In this consistent battle to be seen/heard/appreciated, everybody is attempting to be special and various and genuine. Which is the real difficulty.

According to National Human Genome Research institute ,

““ All humans are 99.9 percent similar in their hereditary makeup.””


Which indicates that we are all that various from each other genetically. The 0.1 percent that does separate us genetically is affected by our direct exposure, experience and environment we have actually had in our lives. Considered that the majority of us reside in an environment that is comparable (we tend to flock with individuals that resemble us), there is extremely little that separates us.

So, when we do wish to stand apart in the crowd (can be within your organisation or in the market or on social networks), it ends up being a challenging thing to achieve. And this is not simply a private obstacle however likewise an organization difficulty.

As discussed in a post on GapingVoid (with the very same title), huge bulk of organizations are susceptible to someone occurring and using to develop a much better mousetrap at a lower cost. Harry makes a damn great $2 pizza piece, however it’’ s simply a matter of time prior to the Sal down the street provides an equivalent piece for $1. And it’’ s not simply real with dollar pizzas. It’’ s real with $400 chainsaws. Or$ 5,000 fridges. Or $100 million jet fighters . How the hell can you be various or stand apart?

.Here are a couple of concepts:.

Think Different:

According to GapingVoid, the response is to ““ Think Different ””, much like Apple performed in their project with the very same name. Believing various is not really typical and not something that you can begin doing all of a sudden one day. The structures for the capability to believe various requirements to be laid long prior to the capability is required. (AirBnB?)

See in a different way:

One method to be able to establish the capability to believe in a different way is to be able to see in a different way, which is simple if you really see various things. One method to do that is to take a trip to locations that your peers wear’’ t travel to, use tinted glass (concept filters –– check out various things, participate in various conferences, listen to various podcasts, enjoy various films, view various documentaries, etc). You understand. (Ford and his assembly line?)

Hire in a different way:

If you are operating in a group, you might generate varied point of views by working with individuals who are not like you –– who wear’’ t believe like you, who have actually matured in a various environment, have actually experienced a life that is really various from your own and have actually been exposed to things that others in the group have not. And after that develop a culture where all of the get the area and a voice to share their thinking without being evaluated or belittled. (Can you think about any example?)

Process in a different way:

Like in cooking, everybody are provided the very same components to deal with. With practically the very same active ingredients, each one of us can prepare really various meals. The only method to continuously press limits blend the method we process our experiences, direct exposure in the environment. One method to do that is to utilize the clinical method –– develop an experiment (hypotheses, test and confirm/deny the hypotheses). (Facebook?)

Design/ Create/ Execute in a different way:

This all come down to the basics of execution. All of us may have the very same concept however the tools that we utilize to bring the concept and produce to life might be various. The method we perform the concept could be various (Lady Gaga or Apple?)

Engage in a different way:

All stated and done, the method you engage with the world can make you stand apart. Are you going to be available, unusual or unattainable? How simple or hard is it going to be for somebody to engage you? Some individuals stand apart by not sticking out (Banksy?).

.In conclusion:.

These are simply a couple of various methods to stick out. We can utilize a mix of these concepts or simply select one and go deep with that concept. Similar to in cooking, here are the components, all we require to do is to blend and match them to our preference (the 0.1 percent of what makes us special) and be positive to bring it out. Often we may prosper and in some cases we may require to return and revamp. And this is what makes our lives worth and intriguing living. Isn’’ t it?

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