IELTS Speaking Actual Test in India – March 2017 & Sample Answers

Check out IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in India – – March 2017 &check out Sample Answers to be well-prepared for your upcoming speaking test.

.Speaking Part 1.

1 What is your complete name?

Well, I am ““ Name ”.


2 Can I see your ID?


Of course. Here it is.

3 Where are you from?

I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is the 4th biggest city in India and is likewise the leading industrial centre of South India. The capital city, previously referred to as ‘‘ Madras’, is commonly well-known for its culture and white-sand beaches.

4 Do you study or work?

At present, I operate in an edtech company as a Content Marketing Specialist where I need to concentrate on the tactical, imaginative or technical elements of material marketing and carry out the jobs allocated to me. My coworkers are fantastic to deal with, and we discover a great deal of things from each other.

5 Do you like relatives/visitors concerning your house?

Only if I’’ m notified about the see. I usually put on’’ t like unexpected check outs that they pay when I need to unlock in my pyjamas. That type of visitors to me is so rude. Oh, and I likewise wear’’ t like a huge crowd visiting my location. They ’ re too loud and the majority of the time I ’ m scared of my residential or commercial property privately being taken.

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6 Do you choose to have pals visit you, or loved ones?

Both pals’ ’ and family members ’ check outs are significant to me. Considering that our family members live miles away, we truly value their efforts and time to visit us. My good friends really just come when they’’ re welcomed, so we put on’’ t have much issue with time.


7 Do you choose visiting your family members or welcoming them to your location?


Well, If I’m in an excellent state of mind and not up to ears in work, I would rather pay my loved ones a go to or ask out to a dining establishment close by to have a good meal together along with to reinforce our relationship.

.Speaking Part 2.Discuss a automobile, motorcycle or bike journey that you are preparing for the future.

You must state:

.When you desire to go, where and.who you want to go there with.why you wish to do it.and describe what you intend to do on the journey.Test Answer.

Frankly speaking, I’’ m not an extrovert, so I sanctuary ’ t been on lots of journeys up to now. I would crave for having an enjoyable experience on a motorcycle journey to [ location] – just within a 50- kilo meter drive from my home. I have an intent to take a trip on my own to do the sightseeing, which might conserve me from the trouble and problem from my buddies, who grumble all the time about where to check out, what to consume, where to remain, and so on.

If whatever goes according to strategy, the journey must be fairly priced, at 40 USD for a minimum of 2 days 1 night and it ought to assure glamorous lodging and delicious food. You see, I tend to go for low-cost vacation without 2nd ideas as it is precisely what I desire to anticipate. Since it will take me not too much time to reach the location, the very first part of the journey will most likely be excellent enough for me. I am looking forward to possibilities to engage in any chatter with other tourists at my hostel so that the journey will go by with a lot of enjoyable.

I think of that the minute I sign in at the hotel off the beaten track, and near the stunning beach, I will be truly delighted that the quality of the space will certainly depend on requirement. I made it rather clear to the hostel’s personnel that the bed should be comfy and relaxing and the air-conditioner has to work well if I remember properly. I think the weather condition on that day will be neither blistering hot or blazing cold, thus I can go swimming all day. due to the fact that I am going to take a trip throughout off season, the seafood won’’ t be too expensive and the portions will be for that reason big for an individual like me.

So that’’ s a journey that we are preparing for the future.

.Vocabulary For Cue Card.Extrovert: somebody who is extremely positive, dynamic, and likes social circumstances.Eg: Rose is an extrovert while her sis Mary is an introvert..Crave for: to desire something quite.Eg: The hostel trainees craved for Pizza..Plan trip: plan getaway, or plan vacation, consists of transportation and lodging promoted and offered together by a supplier called a trip operator.Eg: We’ve purchased a plan trip to London..On my own: unaccompanied by others; alone.Eg: Rose chose to check out Paris on her own..Do the sightseeing: the activity of going to the interesting or popular sights of a location.Eg: Mary obtained an automobile from her pal to do the sightseeing while she remained in Delhi..Inconvenience: argument:.Eg: John entered into an inconvenience with his sibling..Annoyance: disruption.Eg: The infant produced a great deal of problem in the flight..Scrumptious: tasty.Eg: My mom bakes mouth watering cookies..Doubts: a modification of viewpoint after thinking about something once again.Eg: “If you’ve any reservations, please let me understand”, informed the Doctor..Participate in: participate in a specific activity.Eg: My mom was participated in cooking.Up to basic: sufficient.Eg: The brand-new automobile is not up to our requirements..Off the beaten track: in a location where couple of individuals go, far from any primary roadways and towns.Eg: We prepared to go someplace off the beaten track for the summertime vacations..Make it clear to someone (expression) If you make something clear, you state something in a manner that makes it difficult for there to be any doubt about your significance, dreams, or intents.Eg: Rose made it clear to her moms and dads that she’s not prepared for marital relationship..When there is less activity in organization, off season (expression) a duration of the year.Eg: The store provides off-season rates on its clothes to motivate purchasers.Serving (noun) an amount of food ideal for or served to a single person.Eg: I saw my mom serving the food to the visitor.

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1 What will make the journey unique?

Clearly, there are a variety of benefits brought by this. I would most likely state that the thing that truly stands out is we can expand our horizons of the world. To be more particular, when concerning a brand-new area or a nation, we have the opportunities to sample the regional life, delight in the food and discover a lot of fascinating things. A 2nd favorable point might be that we can let our hair down after going through stressful duration of time of difficult work or research study. A flying check out to someplace can assist us charge our batteries and work better later on.

2 Do you like to go to less-known locations or popular locations?

To be truthful, I have predisposition for travel to not touristy locations where I can have more area to record the spectacular landscapes without troubling other tourists. Going to a website which has actually not yet been widely known makes me delight in to find more about that location. Since I desire to end up being the leader who can assist present the location to more visitors with my pictures I snapped and take a trip assistance I composed, this is.

3 What mode of transportation does individuals in the countryside choose?

I believe buses will take the lead. You can take a trip the range without much stress over ticket cost or rainy weather condition exterior. Brand-new buses now use much better services like comfy seats for the excellent or senior air conditioning systems.

4 What is the effect of automobiles on the environment?

In the megapolitan locations, most likely the most typical problem is the gas emissions into the environment, which publish an alarming hazard to air quality, particularly in largely inhabited locations.

5 What should federal governments do to remove this effect?

Well, there are a number of procedures which can be taken by the federal government to ameliorate this scenario, differing from prevent citizens from utilizing their automobiles throughout the heavy traffic to offering bikes for people, to raising resident’s awareness of environment security.

6 What are the distinctions in between old individuals and young individuals when they go taking a trip?

I think there are a handful of distinctions, of which one would be that youths usually like doing energetic and rather amazing things, like bungee leaping; or, if they’’ re going someplace seaside, they may wan na do some watersports like jet snowboarding, whereas I would state the senior, on the entire, tend to just like unwinding when they go on vacation, so they’ll most likely take a couple of books with them and invest the majority of the time on a deck chair beside a pool absorbing the sun and taking pleasure in the sensation of not doing anything.

.Vocabulary For Speaking Part 3.Benefit: the quality of being deserving or especially great.Eg: The trainees will be offered admission based upon their benefit in the last certifying examinations..Stand apart: to be simple to observe or see due to the fact that of being various.Eg: Swiggy sticks out amongst the other food shipment apps for providing the food in time..Expand one’’ s horizon: to make you see a broader variety of options and chances.Eg: She expanded her horizons of science-fiction writing by viewing fiction films..Let hair down: unwind.Eg: After a long day, She let her hair down and delighted in sluggish music..Stressful: anxious.Eg: It was a stressful minute for me when I saw a substantial crowd cheering..Flying see to: brief go to.Eg: Rose will make a flying check out to the UK next week..Charge one’’ s batteries: to unwind and rest for a time period so that you feel energetic once again.Eg: The manager charged his batteries for a while to be fresh for the conference..Have predisposition for tend or disposition to do something.Eg: John had the predisposition to begin his own service..Spectacular: triggering wonder or enjoyment.Eg: I was enthralled by the breath-taking view of the mountains..To take the lead: to begin winning a race or competitors.Eg: It was extremely brave of Meera to take the lead and win the match..Megapolitan: associating with a huge city.Eg: Rose resides in a megapolitan city therefore she visits us every so often..Largely occupied: crowded.Eg: Kanpur in India is stated to be among the largely inhabited cities..Ameliorate: enhance.Eg: The federal government must take some techniques to ameliorate the environment..Hurry hour: the time of day when there are a great deal of lorries on the roadway since many people are taking a trip to or from work.Eg: I got stuck in traffic throughout the peak hour and it was difficult to move from there..A handful of: A little, undefined number or amount.Eg: When my mom visited me, she brought a handful of home-made chocolates..Bungee leaping: a dive made by somebody from a high bridge, structure, etc, protected just by a rubber cable connected to the ankles.Eg: One of her preferred pastimes consist of bungee leaping.

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