A Ray of Hope

Hello everyone, here’s my story.

Im a 27y/o male and I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety about 3 years ago now, I hit a real low point, I told my best friend and the time and she abandoned me and got me sacked from my job (bespoke coding for a company) which drove me to very nearly ending my own life.

I had to find a new job fast as I needed to pay mortgage and other bills, I’m a keen photographer so I started up my own photography business just to see where that’d take me. Unfortunately not far! I started applying for jobs and ended up working in GAP (far from what I wanted to do).

Initially gap was good, I had worked in a shop previously and picked up a load of skills from that so thought this would be a breeze. However I was wrong. The managers were awful at actually managing at hypocritical. As colleagues we weren’t actually allowed to talk to one another on the shop floor even if it was work related or asking for help. But that’s another story! Basically I really struggled, having anxiety attacks and crying daily before going into work and also the suicidal thoughts crept back in. It completely wore me down.

Then lockdown. A breath of fresh air to me in all honesty. Time off work which is what I desperately needed. I managed to come off my medication, and after the withdrawal wore off I felt great. I could do my own thing, focus on making a website for myself, do some gardening and not be exhausted every day!

As a country we kept going in and out of lockdowns so my emotions were up and down. We’re now in the third lockdown just about to come out. I’ve been dreading going back… but now I don’t have to. I’ve now got a new job. Finally. The years of pain have subsided and now I can do a job that I want to do. A company which will utilise my photography and creative skills. My ray of hope.

I’m now on a mission to highlight mental health, to make it mainstream and okay to talk about. I have 3 photography projects in the pipeline highlighting anorexia, natural bodies, depression and anxiety.

My point to this is to persevere. I know it can be hard. I know it can be draining. I know it’s the most painful thing in the world. YOU CAN do it no matter what you’re going through. Good things come to those who wait. I believe in YOU. YOU are so strong to be able to fight everyday is the strongest thing any human can do and you’re doing it. I have a strong sense of love and pride for anyone who is dealing with mental health.

I hope you have an amazing day. All my love ❤️

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