IELTS Speaking test in India – January 2018 with Sample Answers

Well, I am “Meera Shah”.

.2 Which city are you from?

I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is the 4th biggest city in India and is likewise the leading mall of South India. The capital city, previously called ‘‘ Madras ’, is extensively well-known for its culture and white-sand beaches.

.3 How far is it from here to your existing home?

Our location is positioned in the heart of the city, so it is roughly 6km from there to here and can take most likely 15-minute drive if the traffic is not too heavy.

.4 What do you consider your home town?

Well, I believe my home town is among the very best locations to live. It is popular all over the nation for its incredible history, architecture, and food. What makes my home town more unique is the truth that the greatest mountain in our nation lies there, which provides awesome views of the white, fluffy sea below.

.5 Do you like to take a trip?

Yes, certainly! I believe seeing the world, from excellent historic monoliths to white sandy beaches, is what life is everything about. It’’ s a really fascinating method to find out about brand-new cultures and check out brand-new locations.

.Speaking Part 2.Speak about an uncommon food you have actually consumed.

You ought to state:

.What was the food?Where and when did you attempt it?Did you like or do not like that food? Why?

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.Test Answer.

I am a food lover and a regular tourist. I get chances to taste meals from various cultures.

Last year I took a trip to China’’ s capital Beijing. In a standard Chinese dining establishment, I attempted an unusual meal comprised of sea weeds. Seaweeds, as you understand, are vegetarian foods grown in the sea and are extremely healthy.

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I enjoyed tasting it the very first time. No other food comes close to it in regards to taste and it is hard for me to describe it. Since of the taste however likewise due to the abundance of nutrients in it, I liked it not just.

Since I’’ m a tourist, I have first-hand experience of how human beings will deal with a lack of healthy food in the future. Researchers have actually proposed seaweed farms as an option to the issue. I simply wished to taste the future of human food.

.Vocabulary For Cue Card.Food lover: an individual with a specific interest in food; a premium..Eg: The food lover in me could not withstand when I saw the delicious apple pie..Nutritious: effective as food; nurturing.Eg: The hostel serves healthy food prepared under sanitary conditions..First-hand Experience: If you experience something very first hand, you experience it yourself.Eg: Industrial sees offered the trainees a direct experience to find out the commercial procedure virtually..Abundance: a quantity that is sufficient..Eg: This book has an abundance of details and realities about ancient history..Scarcity: a state or circumstance in which something required can not be acquired in enough quantities.Eg: The school is dealing with a scarcity of instructors..Comprised of: totally produced; made up of several things..Eg: The Cookies are comprised of a number of components..Regular: happening or done sometimes at brief periods..Eg: She is a regular visitor to the aging house..Speaking Part 3.1 What do you consider the junk food pattern?

Honestly speaking, I’m not versus the fast-food pattern, however consuming them daily is not healthy. Nowadays, many individuals choose consuming junk foods since of their chaotic schedules. It’s more practical. Lots of people are addicted to junk food, and it has actually ended up being an important part of our lives.

.2 Do you believe science and innovation impacted food and farming in a favorable or an unfavorable method?

In a science, innovation and method have actually considerably affected the food and farming market favorably and adversely. One such favorable effect is the increased efficiency. The unfavorable effects of science and innovation are extreme contamination and deterioration of soil, water, and so on

.3 What do you believe is the effect of the capability to transfer the food over fars away?

I believe transport of food over cross countries has financial and ecological repercussions. Carrying food through air cargo creates considerable amounts of co2 emissions which is 50 times more co2 than sea shipping. These CO2 emissions have a substantial influence on the environment and add to international warming.

.4 Do you believe innovation has likewise impacted the food that we have typically been preparing in the house?

Yes, Of Course! Innovation has actually altered the method individuals have actually been preparing at house. Innovation has actually attached the procedure of cooking. With the introduction of kitchen area help tools like electrical choppers, mixers, and mills, food can be prepared in the blink of an eye. This conserves time.

.Vocabulary For Speaking Part 3.Busy: exceptionally hectic.Eg: It was a stressful week so I chose to go on a weekend vacation to Goa..Hassle-free: appropriate for your requirements and functions and triggering the least problem.Eg: She chose work from house as it was hassle-free for her..Addict: an individual who can not stop utilizing or doing something, specifically something damaging.Eg: The old male is an alcohol addict..Effects: an outcome of a specific action or scenario, typically one that is not practical or bad.Eg: ““ Your choice to vacate the city has harmful effects>”> ”.

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